Often Imitated, Never Duplicated


The Coven is looking for tried and true friendships with Alliances who have a serious endeavours in helping to make Avakin Life free from pedofiles. We do not take part in drama. If you have a Clan that undersatnds this passion then we welcome you to message us at Admin@The-Coven.org  For any clans with passive aggressive behaviour or narcissistic control issues with it being more about them than the cause of helping kids. Then please do not bother. As real life parents, we at The Coven have a job to do and it cannot be overshadowed by egos. This is about children who are being exploited in Avakin Life everyday. Not about anything else for us.


It has begun...

All Clans need alliances to weather the storms throughout life as well as aid in the cause of common goals and forge true friendships.

The following are clans we have forged alliances with in order to work together toward building a new era in the Avakin Life community!

Legend key:   5 * = Always active    4 * = Mostly active    3 * = Average activity    2 * = Casualy active     1 * = Not very active.

( Rating on alliances activity status is based on how many members we know and how often we see them online. It is not a measure of their clans character or integrity.)

Active Status:


# Members: