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Welcome to the Coven Avakin family homepage

If you believe your child has been targeted by an online pedofile, contact Internet Crimes Against Children at:

In the USA:  https://onlinesafety.com   In the United Kingdom:  https://onlinesafetyuk.com      Internationally: https://dontlookaway.report

OH my friends. You have stumbled upon the most terrifying souls avakin has seen yet! Do you feel that? The cold surrounds us here in our family. We are bathing in the bloodlust of this hell avakin has created and we will make it known. They all will know you! Yes you!  Your voice here will be heard!  You will help them all realize their unworthyness for not listening!  Speak up loudly and proclaim your residence in this world by being a part of our family!    The family...   of,    Coven!

We are now recruiting.

Do you wish to become a member? Are you of mind without bias and bigotry, seeking real purpose in Avakin?  We are actively recruiting Empaths, Psychics, Psychology students to PhD's, Law enforcement, Private Investegators and Pedo hunters from everywhere to join our cause to help facilitate:

  • A safer, happier, more healthy social experience by finding honest, genuine and authentic people in Avakin Life.
  • Protect underage people from pedophilic narcissistic sex predators.
  • Root out bullying, scammers, illegal coin sellers and modders from the game.
  • Build good relationships with LKWD moderators in order to help guide Covens direction toward meeting these goals.


If you support our cause, you are more than welcome to display our tag in your hashtag by copying the following: The‐Coven•org

If you are interested in joining our family, please send us a request for an in game interview at: admin@The-Coven.org  with your friendship code and avakin players name using an anonymous account so we can respect your privacy, unless you choose otherwise. This is solely at your discretion and we respect whatever your choice is. It is in this way, that it would make it easier to meet up in game with each other, should you have a unique font name as well as until our Coven family and you, feel comfortable enough to decide the next step. We recognize this is not only about us interviewing you, but you interviewing us as well, in order to see if we are a good match as family members.

Interview process

The interview process consists of multiple in game meetings, at public settings or events, in a span of usually a couple to a few weeks or more in order to get to know you. There is no hard time cap requirement we have in place on this. It is all by intuition over time. Also, If you have friends who vouche for you as references, this can help speed up the recruitment process. 

How our Family functions

We do not function as an authoritarian, nor a dictatorship family, but as a democracy, whereby the family votes on issues together, which will be overseen by one facilitator per group in each server the bigger we get, until LKWD moderators come aboard to help. Everyone is equal and no one is above anyone. We encourage everyone to have their own voice and not be shy standing up for their beliefs. We are not religious and do not push our beliefs on anyone. Everyone is entitled to believe what they wish. We only ask that everyone respects each other and follow the Coven Creed which is what makes our family the most authentic, original and unique in Avakin Life.      "Harmony cannot exist without mutual respect for each other" - Buddhist proverb.


The Cause is all that matters.

A message to Coven members and Alliances, It is out of respect for each others beliefs and opinions that no religious or political discussions will be allowed in our family, in order to avoid friction. Our main focus is to concentrate on the cause. Due to this, we have no interest in becoming involved in ANY drama related issues. Eg: People talking behind others backs, choosing sides, childish behavior, self glorification, or anything related otherwise. Everything else, is irrelevant. We will take what steps are necessary to keep our bandwidth focused on the cause, because this is not about us. It is about 12 year olds who have been raped in real life. Children being groomed in game by pedofiles and on insta and Lockwood Publishing doing nothing to protect these children, who if are not protected and get harmed, WILL grow up having psychological trauma because of being abused or possibly even dead. If you are a parent in real life, like we are, then you should understand, because you know it could be your child next.  The cause is all that matters.



Legal Consequences for Online Predators

"Many states have laws preventing adults from “corrupting” minors or engaging in sexually explicit conversations with those under the age of 18. In addition, it is illegal to send pornographic to minors or to encourage and pressure minors to send explicit photographs or videos of themselves. Adults who are convicted of this type of conduct can be sentenced to prison and may be required to register as a sex offender as a result of the conviction."



Anyone who allows or ignores an adult having an intimate sexual relationship with a minor, is part of the problem. Period.

From Albert Einstein Quotes: If I were to remain silent, I'd be guilty of complicity.

Our Avakin Life advocacy website: Avakinbullies.info

Twitter: @The_Coven_Org     or     The-Coven.org

Instagram: ava.covenfamily   

Reddit: u/The_Coven_Official  Also  TheCovenOfficial