Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Zero Tolerance 

We are absolute zero tolerance on bullying, trolling, bigotry, drama, sexism, egocentrism, lying, manipulation, coerciveness, deceitfulness, gaslighting, pedophilic behavior, modding and begging. These are all banable offenses and they do not represent the values we respect, hold, or the people we want to associate with. 


What should you do?

If anyone is being bullied or is bullying you. We ask that you use discretion and composure to address the situation in a calm and controlled manner. Take screenshots of the conversation in its entirety and of the provokers profile in order so we may post it to Avakinbullies.info. If they cannot be reasoned with, then by all means, block them. Do not let anyone get to you with their rantings of incoherent nonsense. To let anyone get to you means they have already won. People like this are emotionally disconnected and are quite literally feeding off the strife they are trying to sow. To quote Ron White: "You Can't Fix Stupid".